Andrea Pflügl


Areas of expertise: Rental, real estate and residential property law, General civil law and contract law, civil law handling of traffic accidents


  • Lawyer with the law firm SKUSA Partners Rechtsanwälte + Steuerberater Partnerschaft mbB
  • Lecturer at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences in Civil Law, Contract Law and Business Law
  • Editorial Director of the Journal of Real Estate and Enforcement Law (IVR)
  • Lecturer at Campus M21 for Civil Law, Contract Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Tax Law, Constitutional Law and European Law
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Association for Tenancy Law and Real Estate of the German Bar Association
  • successful participation in a course in rental and home ownership law, which is preparatory to the specialist attorney’s office, a prerequisite for the award of the professional lawyer’s title
  • Admission to the Bar with the Bar Association Munich
  • Election station in the legal clerkship in Philadelphia/USA in the law firm Morgen, Lewis & Bockius
  • Second State Examination in law in Munich
  • Legal clerkship with the Higher Regional Court in Munich
  • First State Examination in law in Munich
  • Studied law at the Ludwigs-Maximilians University of Munich


Recent essays

  • Publication of furnishings: application must be sufficiently determined! (IVR 2019, 54)
  • The results of the second auction date (IVR 2018, 143)
  • Examination scope of the Land Registry on registration of a compulsory mortgage (IVR 2018, 108)
  • Judicial discretion in the event of extension of the period for reasons for reasons for the profession in eviction cases (IVR 2018, 98)
  • Conditions of temporary cessation of enforcement against security (IVR 2018, 53)
  • Enforcement of the tenant is not a rental security! (IVR 2018, 52)
  • Emergency residence law of the first-time resident in the event of an order for the security administration in accordance with Section 94 Of the ZVG (IVR 2018, 21)
  • Conditions of compulsory auction due to interest on land debt (IVR 2017, 102)
  • Opinion on an application pursuant to Section 769 of the ZPO triggers procedural fee! (IVR 2016, 155)
  • A relative of the tenant in need of care is also a “third party” in accordance with Section 940a para. 2 ZPO (IVR 2016, 144)
  • § 940a Abs. 2 ZPO: Maßgeblich ist der Schluss der mündlichen Verhandlung erster Instanz! (IVR 2016, 143)
  • Temporary cessation of foreclosure in accordance with Paragraph 719 para. 2 ZPO by the Court of Appeal (IVR 2016, 102)
  • Insolvency administrator rejects performance of contract – no new liability of the debtor (IVR 2016, 74)
  • Taxation of rental income in the case of compulsory administration (IVR 2016, 33)
  • Acquisition of agricultural or usable land (NZM 2015, 724)
  • Self-responsible development and conception of the focus area on tenancy law, land law and land purchase in the Master’s degree course LL.M. at the University of Hagen, including the creation of a script


  • Andrea Pflügl in the practice of home ownership , C.H.BECK Verlag, Munich 2017
    (ISBN 978-3-406-70561-8) shop here
  • Andrea Pflügl in Beck’s VOB commentary: VOB Part C, C.H.BECK Verlag, Munich 2014
    (ISBN 978-3-406-61343-2) shop here