Prof. Dr. Markus Pflügl, LL.M.


Areas of expertise: enterprise- and corporate law, corporate governance and company succession. Real estate law, commercial law & contract law

FinanceMonthly LegalAwards 2020

Company Law
Lawyer of the Year

Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

Corporate Law
Leading Expert


  • Lawyer and partner of the law firm SKUSA Partners Rechtsanwälte + Steuerberater Partnerschaft mbB
  • Professor with the higher education institution Mittweida University of Applied Sciences for corporate governance and commercial law
  • Director at the Institute for Corporate Leadership
  • Member of the supervisory board of Digital Mountain GmbH
  • Specialist lawyer for lease- and home ownership law
  • Lecturer at the higher education institution Mittweida and various academies, with the German lawyers association, house and property Bavaria as well as its educational institutes
  • Successful participation in a training preparing for specialist lawyer in trade and company law, a prerequisite to become a specialist lawyer
  • Doctor of Law and Master of Law
  • Admission to the Bar with the Bar Association Munich
  • First State Examination and Second State Examination in law in Munich
  • Studies of law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich


Prof. Dr. Markus Pflügl, LL.M. was awarded Lawyer of the Year Germany in the Company Law category at the 2020 Legal Awards.

The winners of the Finance Monthly Awards are selected by the readers of this magazine and a jury, the winners of the Corporate Excellence Awards are selected by an independent, five-member jury of experts.

The Finance Monthly Legal Awards 2020 recognize the achievements of law firms and lawyers and boast of being one of the most respected rating programs in their field, presenting the Corporate Excellence Awards to companies and individuals committed to innovation, growth, and delivering the best products and services to customers in a variety of industries.

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  • Der zu leistende Nutzungswertersatz des Verbraucherleasingnehmers im Vergleich zum Verbrauchsgüterkäufer im Falle der Geltendmachung von Gewährleistungsrechten


  • Creation of a script for tenancy law, real estate law and purchase of real estate in master’s course LL.M. at Fernuniversität Hagen
  • Der Verbraucherleasingvertrag im neuen Darlehensrecht (Master’s thesis)